Robert Biedroń and activist get together for ‘selfie’

After taking the picture, Mr Biedroń added “Poland unites us.” Photo: Facebook/screenshot via Dziewuchy Węgorzewo

The man is a member of the right-wing National Radical Camp (ONR), which regularly organizes activities which oppose same-sex partnerships and promote national identities.

The liberal mayor of Słupsk, northern Poland, met up with the residents of the town of Ełk this weekend during a campaign rally, which was interrupted by unexpected guests from the radical right, who, to everybody’s surprise were later invited by the politician to take a picture together.

According to “Dziewuchy Węgorzewo” group, when Mr Biedroń noticed the men wearing derogatory t-shirts against homosexualism he reportedly said: “Do you want to offend me? Why? It will not happen. Come on, we'll take a selfie.”

The amused visitors posed for a photograph with the mayor.

After taking the picture, Mr Biedroń added “Poland unites us.”

Robert Biedroń, who became the first openly gay member of the Polish parliament in 2011, was elected as Słupsk’s mayor in 2014.