First artificial heart implanted in Poland

For the first time ever Polish doctors implanted an artificial heart for a patient, which enables him to function normally.

A portable compressor, necessary for the heart’s operation, weighs less than 7 kg.

The surgery, which took place two days ago at the Silesian Center for Heart Disease in Zabrze, went well and the patient, 66-year old Mieczysław Koral, is feeling fine.

The team of specialists who carried out the historic operation was headed by Dr Michał Zembala. His father, Prof Marian Zembala, participated in the first successful heart transplantation in Poland, performed on November 5, 1985, by a team led by Prof Zbigniew Religa − a famous cardiac surgeon and transplantologist.

“I'm glad that it all worked out,” Mr Koral said after the surgery. “And that someone after me will be able to use this knowledge, these devices, the technique. It gives great satisfaction,” he added. Mr Koral said he agreed to the surgery as, according to his doctor, it gives him “a chance to live a little longer.”

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