Pearl Jam supports Polish women fighting against abortion restrictions

Photo: Jam

US rock band Pearl Jam expressed their support for Polish women campaigning against a proposed abortion ban during the group’s concert in Kraków on Tuesday.

Pro-abortion protestors take to the streets in “Black Friday” demonstrations

Thousands of protesters marched through central Warsaw and other major cities to oppose a private bill tightening abortion laws.

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Vocalist Eddie Vedder criticized the Polish government and showed his support for the Black Protest by displaying the logo of Strajk Kobiet - meaning women’s strike - on a screen. Vedder also tore into US President Donald Trump during the grunge rock group’s three-hour concert.

Polish women have held numerous protests, known as “Black Protest”, across the country against a citizens initiative - supported by the Catholic Church and many MPs from the ruling PiS party - to impose a near total ban on abortion.

Under current rules, abortion is allowed in three circumstances — danger to the mother’s health, rape or incest, and when prenatal tests show serious, irreversible damage to the foetus.

The last protest was on March 23 against a proposed bill that would remove the third category, which currently covers more than 90 percent of legal abortions.

Pearl Jam performed 30 songs during its seventh concert in Poland.