Blueberries an export hit of Polish fruit producers

Poland is the seventh largest producer of blueberries in the world. Photo:

Poland is the seventh largest producer of blueberries (borówki in Polish) in the world. They come second after apples as the most commonly exported fruit in the country, president of the management board of “Polskie Jagody” (Polish Berries) Cooperative Dominika Kozarzewska was reported as saying by Polish Press Agency (PAP) on Tuesday.

The acquired taste for blueberries in Poland reportedly arrived from America and Canada over four decades ago. New varieties of the berry have been created since that time, hence Poland became one of their leading growers. As Ms Kozarzewska noted, the new blueberries have turned into a national product and are no longer an ‘American,’ but a Polish berry.

The production of blueberries in Poland reached 16,000 tones, which places Poland seventh in the world. 80 percent of the crop is exported to 25 countries in four different continents. According to Ms Kozarzewska, the fruit is the second most exported fruit after apple in Poland. The largest importer of blueberries from Poland is Great Britain.

According to the Cooperative’s expert Emilia Szczęsna, blueberry consumption is growing all over the world. It is an extremely valuable fruit not only because of the taste, but mainly because of its health properties.

Various studies confirm that blueberries have one of the the highest antioxidant capacity of all commonly consumed fruits and vegetables. They remove and eliminate toxins from the body, help prevent cancer and circulatory system diseases, regenerate the brain and the nervous system. Moreover, blueberries have positive effects on eyesight and help in maintaining a youthful skin, reduce cholesterol and high blood pressure, Ms Szczęsna stressed.