Polish sailors beat the world record

The World Sailing Speed Record Council acknowledged that Polish crew of “Katharsis II” yacht beat the world record of circumnavigating Antarctica south of the 60° South parallel.

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The board of the council said that no sail yacht did circumnavigate around Antarctica “so fast, so close to the land and non-stop." The official result of the crew was 72 days and 6 hours. It will be published in Guinness World Records.

Eight people were members of the crew of “Katharsis II." They were led by captain Mariusz Koper.

“I have been dreaming about traveling into the unknown since I was a child. I cannot live without dreams, challenges and ambitious purposes. The expedition around the world’s coldest continent was both a journey into unknown and a great challenge. I am very satisfied that we managed to achieve it in a way no sailor had done in the past,” captain of the yacht said.

After circumnavigating Antarctica, the yacht entered the port of Hobart in Tasmania. The crew arrived there 102 days and 23 hours after setting sail from Cape Town in South Africa.

The accomplishment of Polish crew is considered as one of the greatest sailing achievements in the history.

Members of the crew received diplomas and medals from World Sailing Speed Record Council during the gala in Bydgoszcz, central Poland.

More information about the journey of “Katharsis II” can be found at this address.